AI Will Revolutionise Marketing by 2020

Survey reveals marketers views on the future potential of AI.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has infiltrated multiple industries, spanning from healthcare to manufacturing and the automotive sectors. These industries have all been disrupted by the introduction of robotics into their everyday responsibilities.

AI could help devise marketing strategies

Marketing has long been exempt from disruption by machines, but that could all be about to change. A recent survey, carried out by Wakefield Research and DemandBase, asked 500 B2B marketers ranging from C-Suite executives to managers about their views on AI.

Results from the survey, show that marketers are excited about the possibilities that AI can bring to their businesses, and expect the change to occur sooner rather than later.

While 80% of those surveyed said that AI will revolutionise marketing by 2020, only a quarter (26%) were “very confident” about their understanding of the potential role that AI could play in the marketing world.

Such numbers allude to the fact that while marketing executives realise the power of AI, they do not yet recognise how it can help them specifically. An industry so heavily built on creativity, personalisation and customer experience will take time to understand how to implement machines into their daily responsibilities.

Unsurprisingly, only a handful of those surveyed (10%) said that they were currently using AI. While it may seem ambitious to assume AI will become widely used by 2020, other industries have effectively adopted its use in short amounts of time.

However, there were a number of concerns that were raised in the survey. The foremost among them was how they could integrate AI into their existing technology, a worry shared by 60% of respondents. The next biggest concern was training employees (54%), followed by the difficulty of interpreting the results (46%).

Aman Naimat, Senior Vice President of Technology for DemandBase, was encouraged by the survey results.

“As someone who has been studying AI for many years, I’ve recognised the promise of AI and B2B marketing for some time, which makes it really rewarding to see this vision is now shared by marketing executives.”

Executives are excited by the insights AI brings

Marketing executives, themselves, were also optimistic about AI’s potential. A large number of respondents agreed that the three main benefits would be better insights into accounts, more detailed analysis of campaigns and the ability to identify prospective customers.

“This data reveals that in order to be successful, marketing leaders need to lead the charge and present opportunities for AI instruction and experience for their teams, to ensure implementing it into their B2B technology stacks is effective,” Naimat noted.

The sales and marketing world could reap enormous rewards from AI when implemented on a wide-scale basis. Not only would it provide a deeper insight into the customer, AI could also perform some of the more menial tasks while allowing humans to generate and convert more leads.